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Pick Up and Save

  • Pick up at 110 West Forrest Rd, Ft Oglethorpe, GA 30742
    (Behind Sears Shoe Store)
  • To reserve any inflatable a $25 non-refundable deposit is required. All major Credit Cards excepted and Cash (sorry, no checks).
  • A pickup truck, minivan or SUV (please let us know the size of the SUV) and a valid Driver's License is REQUIRED
  • Monday-Friday Pick Up Rental
    Pick up Monday at a scheduled time and returned Friday by Noon
  • Friday-Monday Pick Up Rental
    Friday at a scheduled time and returned Monday by Noon
  • Inflatables may also be returned Sunday between 4 and 6
    The customer is responsible for letting us know Friday if they are returning Sunday

Keep in mind! - WE CAN PICK UP YOUR JUMP! - $50

(they can be deceptively heavy, especially when wet!)

Pick Up Details

Vehicle Requirements

All inflatables can be picked up with a Truck or Trailor. Some inflatables can be picked up with a SUV, Mini-Van, or Cargo Van.

Please ask us, we will let you know the type of vehicle needed.

We are here to help

The customer does not have to worry about loading and unloading at our Shop. Apex loads and unloads all customer vehicles when they pick up and bring back at our shop. WE also provide set up and take down instructions, cord, stakes, sprinkler hose if using wet, and the blower to inflate the jump. Customer is responsible for getting the water to the inflatable and the power. You can rent a generator if power is not available for an additional price. Customers are responsible for bringing back our inflatables in good clean working order.

Please help the next person enjoy the fun

Silly String is one of the worst things for an inflatable and needs to be kept very far away. Leaves just need to be gottern off befor bringing back. When they get wet and sit on the inflatable for a period of time they can leave a stain. Some sand is ok but keep away from the sand box and if kids are playing in a sand box hose them off before letting them on the inflatable. If mud gets on the inflatable just clean it off before returinig. Get the inflatable as dry as possible before returning. Let the kids play on the inflatable without water for couple hours the last day or just towell the inflatable off. This will also make it lighter and easier to load. Getting the customer to bring back the inflatable clean and dry will help extend the life of our inflatables and keep cost of the rental down. We at Apex inflate every inflatable that is brought back and clean with anti-bacteria spray and cleaner. This ensures the next person has a clean well operational inflatable